A good SEO Guide to Cornish Business

The Beginners Guide

What is SEO > Search Engine Optimisation ?

Put simply SEO is an on line marketing discipline that focuses on growing your website visibility in an organic way, with out having to pay PPC, Good SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve your google rankings, drive traffic , and so increase awareness of your cornish company in search engines such as yahoo and google.

There are quite a few aspects to good SEO, from the text words on your page,to the way other websites link to you on the internet, very often well grounded SEO is simply the way that your pages are structured and laid out.







Why a website needs good SEO!?

Much of web traffic is driven by the biggest and most power full major commercial search engines, such as Bing – Goggle – and not forgetting Yahoo.. and although some social media and other types of traffic could and can generate some visits to your site, its the search engines that are the primary method of navigation for most internet users, this is so true whether your website provides content – products – information or simply anything else…

Do IT yourself SEO ?

Its Complex SEO, a complex ever changing world, however it can be achieved, to a certain extent, even small amounts of SEO work on your website can make all the difference..

However it will take time, its very time consuming! if you focus on learning small amounts first this will help, then let us here at TLC help and do the rest!!