Build your Cornish Company | on line help

At TLC Web Design we decided to compile a small list of the 14 most effective techniques for the general marketing your  brand new website here in Cornwall, all of which are great building blocks to drive and build your online presence! its good to be a company here in Cornwall but building your company identity in cornwall can be hard!

Make good with your “search engine optimisation” (SEO)

SEO involves making  care-full overt and covert changes to your website to improve your  google page rankings.

Regular SEO practice includes using  important relevant key words, inserting internal links, creating a good site map, and regularly uploading unique content that relates to your industry…

Create a calendar and monitor your SEO content 

There is a stack of competition in the market, many businesses are developing websites and creating new content, it can be quick and easy to undo the good work which you put into your website marketing, defiantly from an SEO perspective.

Get blogging!

At TLC Web Design we practice what we preach, which is defiantly why hopefully you’re reading this article on our blog pages.

Video marketing..

Making short videos are defiantly becoming an increasingly popular method for the marketing of websites, products and services.Get on Tube or share on your own website, and give your customers something more exciting and engaging than a block of text, with the odd pict!

Are you mobile-friendly??

Recent uk Sats showed that nearly 20% of the UK internet users connect through a smart-phone or tablet, so it’s pretty essential that your website displays and functions properly on all relevant devices-

local net-working events, get out and about!

General networking events allow you to meet with reps  from  all possible other industries,exchange business cards and get out there!.

Your content!! spread it around!

Get your content on as many platforms as possible! spread the SEO love around Cornwall!

Free social media tools!

Well over 60% of us use Facebook in the UK, with a further 35 million on Twitter, so try to get on every day even to simply say hi to the world!!

Invest in paid for social media advertising, its worth it!

likes of FB, Twitter and a YouTube channel all offer paid advertising, which can be of particular benefit for smaller businesses without an online presence or large following!

Email marketing

Do some email marketing is one of the most cost-effective but far reaching methods of communicating with customers,look up mail chimp, and gather a client base quick!

Calls to action..

Make sure that calls to action are present throughout your website, NEED a new website click HERE!

A small call to action draws users to your website, encouraging them to click and proceed further down the conversion funnel.

Offer web-only deals!

Create a deal that will get people talking… and visiting your website!

And finally – get some help from the experts.. US!

We can take the pain out of the whole one line, marketing experience, SEO Cornwall – Cornish On line web site creation .. simply call us or email now!