Website loading Speed | in Cornwall

How fast is your website?

Is your Website loading too slowly? are potential customers leaving your company website because frustrations are setting in?

How a website speed influences conversions

In the real world, slow websites trash your website traffic conversions which is not good for any website owner, whatever they are trying to achieve.

The true fact is that a whopping, 46% of online consumers expect really do websites to load in less than a few seconds. Many, as much as 42% will totally abandon, and leave a page that takes 4-5 more seconds to get up to speed.

Surveys of website loading speeds

In a mass survey that had been carried out a whopping 51% of all the shoppers said that quick page loading is important to their site loyalty and to stay and shop, and 40+% said they tell other people such as friends that that site is slow, or broken, so word of mouth is really important.

Website speed influences the visibility of Visitors

The main search engine Google takes the speed of websites into serious consideration when ranking websites, websites loading times will also influence how easily users can find you online in the first place.

Google now has mobile-first indexing 

Taking website speed into consideration is now true especially now that Goggle is rolling out its mobile-first index principles. Google as a search engine has started ranking all search results based on the mobile versions of website pages.

Mobile Website Searches

It’s now a fact that people using the internet used mobile devices with have started outnumbering desktop searches for the first time.

This means that Google is now committed to rank sites that load quickly and are geared up for mobile searches well enough to please the user.

As a result, the mobile user experience will now play a major role in search rankings — even in desktop search results. It’s a well-known fact that the average online shopper, for example, is very impatient, they certainly don’t like a website taking ages to load, this is a major consideration if you have a service to promote in Cornwall, and with so many services on offer from car mechanics, surf schools, shops, dog walkers, tea rooms, food outlets, summer trade businesses, and many other Cornish Companies selling a multitude of products and services a FAST loading and responsive website the key to an interesting first-time visit to your website:

What can i do to improve my Website Speed!?

Up to 90% of websites { webpage }, loading time very often is certainly spent with downloading, this is broken down into pieces and sections, pictures and images certainly take time to load, scripts, and text content script takes time, and FLASH players are defiantly naughty, with a general HTTP request being made on these elements, so its no surprise that the more sections and elements like these the longer it will take! So with this info to hand the certain way to improve SPEED is to simplify your designs, and having a dozen sliding images on a slider or a fancy Facebook feed won’t help the situation..Start by using CSS instead of images, cut down the number of elements on your pages, really try to reduce the script s on your page, and pop them away in the same area.

Think on this website owners, believe it or not, a simple one-second delay in loading speed can mean A 17% decrease in customer satisfaction, 11% fewer page views, a whopping 7% loss in conversions, with the info coming from the Aberdeen Group Company. For info on your loading speed go to 

If you’re looking for extra help from the master, GOOGLE, they recommend using an AP monitoring system, this will allow you to check weekly. There are other resources to consider for your website, like going to Yslow, here you can evaluate your site’s speed, and great tips to improve performance! OR we can help, please contact TLC for FREE advice on website issues like loading speed.