Key Features of A Great Looking Website
IF you want a great looking website, and lets face it most of us do, then you will will need certain key facts in place, its really important to remember a visitor to your website is looking for eye candy, and great service, a well laid out website, full of colour and correct images that show case your company services, these are your selling points.
Website eye candy will allow you to impress the visitor, and then backed up by good user functionality the website should then be a place where they visit and and again.
Even your navigation tabs should look and feel posh, with round full boarded looking corners.
Bright colour on your website is also a key factor when your trying to impress, the slicker your colour full images the better, and if you are a Cornish Company then you have a mass of Cornish features to impress , Cornish Landscape, Seaside all-so sand and sea side , all a great way to show off your Cornish Website, and Cornish Company.
A nice bright attractive website footer, the section at the bottom of your website is important, it s a simple part of your Cornish website, but really important, and that also applies to you, website header , the section at the top of the website, also a key part to look nice, with company contacts clear and visible , from the top you then come to the most important part of the website, with respect to bling, the home page slider, although important try not to over do things here, it may well slow your website loading speed down if its full of script!
Always Rambo that your cornishwebsite functionally is the top priority, however, its also important to get the loos on a wow factor!!