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Require a Web Designer fir Truro or Cornwall? – We have put together a rundown of the steps, we take in preparing and creating your brand new website, Cornwall!

After our free sit down consultation with you the customer, we then go away to build you a New Website, ready to show off to the Cornish and UK world, or possibly even the world global internet.

Do you already own a website?

If your in Truro or Cornwall it maybe you already own a Website, or you have a website landing page.We we review this, and check possible routes for rebuild.

Web Design Layout

The layout is important, we discuss with you possible layout, what your requirements are and the next steps.

Word press platform

For most of our Website builds we construct on a platform know as WordPress. This is a highly well know platform in the its widely know, this is the back end of your new website, the insides of the website, the bits you don't see if your online browsing, each platform is different, some with more functions and capabilities than others, these are also known as CMS content management systems what you're saying, selling or doing, all about you or your company, its a top priority from the start!

How Many Pages?

How many pages will your require for your new website? this will have a reflection on the total price.

How Many Images Required?

Do you have high res images? its best for a good website layout.

Is your new Website an eCommerce Site?

Will you require selling on line? Do you have products you wish to sell on line?

What is your target Cornish customer?

With a solid understanding of the Cornish market place you are in we can set up a new website to reflect this.

Our story

Truro and Cornwall Web Design

Content Management Some content management systems are more advanced than others, and a good knowledge of HTML { website language system } otherwise know as coding languages, so we really do need the best platform for the website build, and as many of our customers then wish to go on and manage the website themselves with a little in house training from one of our team we often use Word Press, highly functional and relatively easy to manage, if not word press then some times Joomla or Drupal, but no need to fear, we choose for you!

  1. A Friendly Word Press Platform

It’s widely recognised as a friendly platform. and easy it to use and manage, if your ok with the standard basic Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word Docs then a very high chance you are already set and capable to publish your own content, in format content, info, and blow/news content. And in addition to this, the good thing with WordPress is its easily customised with a great range of plugins, a plugin a snippet of software that can assist with the running management of your website, some are quite possibly amazing, they really can make your site stand out online, if you need a simple one-page website or a major e-commerce site then Word Press can handle it all.

The power behind WordPress is vast, and as said before can run almost any site, but its also a very trusted platform, and often the CMS for many of the top best well know website across the world, its constantly changing and evolving with many upgrades taking place to stay ahead of the game. Also, WordPress Platforms are free, so we save you money from the word go..the 1st cost outlay is your domain name hosting.

A responsive and mobile-friendly website

The true fact is that more and more people across the world are looking on the internet using mobile devices, its highly important that your new website is responsive and can be used on almost any device, don’t worry we will have everything in hand and most almost every lay out theme will come super mobile-friendly as standard!

Super Word Press and TLC support

We pride our selves on back up and aftercare support here at TLC Web designs, but on top of all our great aftercare service, the Word Press team are pretty helpful people with an amazing community of developers who are always there to help you out with extra bits and bobs.

A New Website HomeAs you may know, your new site will need a HOME and of course a NAME, we do help with the name of your website but its often already chosen by you, often for very little cost, and sometimes a FREE WordPress domain name is available. Wow great! however, the hosting attached to it isn’t great, and mostly really slow…which isn’t good.We advise your own domain name, better all-round.. the hosting and domain name will cost a little but then you really will have your own website, that you own.. And really if you have a domain name your good to go.

If you’re uncertain of a domain name then we can help.

Your  Website Design | Website look | Further Requirements.

The Theme, Style, and look of your New Website are down to you, we give as much guidance as you need, We take care of the colours and images, but in the long run we will be guided by you, it’s your creation.

We are HERE for you Cornish Business! Affordable Web-design, SEO, Google Ads just call us HERE!