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Here at TLC Webdesign we have 3 in house trained SEO- { search engine optimisation } consultants, that will come right out to see you and your cornish company to give FREE SEO advice, please give us a call to arrange a booking, SEO for Cornish companies is highly important, well its important for all companies across the uk and world, you simply stand out way more with better SEO. You website , your new website or old website should be optimised , with good content, and if its not… Google isn’t happy, its a shame, but google will not come sniffing if its not finding your website in a good healthy place..

A healthy place for your website | Cornwall

For Cornish companys to stand out on line its really import to have your website played out correctly, this can mean, correct pages, content, SB – social book markers, new fresh content – updated images, from your stock , correct website footer with your cornish address on it, and contact details, maybe a FB tab, { face book } or twitter tab, maybe even a link or two that send the visitor to other pages, a hyper link..

Each of your website pages should have a good lay out, goggle like that, nice photos, and content well written about you or your company, maybe a few back links to other pages on your site, hyperlinks.. and links to other site pages that are important to whats going on within your site..

Are you listed on site directories?

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Cornish Business directories/ free very often..

It is in-fact a really usually way of improving SEO for your website is to ad your URL website to local directories, these are great for spreading love, your company details all across cornwall networks, search out these and you will find, one HERE  

Using your website blog

Adding a snippet to your blog , or news feed on your website can be very useful, as we have said google like s new content, and so, get writing, about your latest news, products, services, people and customers, the cornish weather! what ever you feel is relevant … a blog can say a thousand words, the cornish lifestyle is such a colourful way and many cornish companies tap into this, and your blog news feed should be reflecting this..

Google + For Cornish SEO Improvement

Google + is a good way to get a little extra SEO fro you on line improvements to take place , has your company a Gmail account? if so thats all you need, spring your G+ google + posts into life.. post about your cornish services, and how you would like people to connect with you…

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