SEO Tips Cornwall

Working hard weekly on your SEO, { search engine optimisation } will get better over time, constant up dates , and attention to detail is best for your websites ranking, its well know that link building is one of the very best ways to improve your websites rank, however its an important skill to adopt, even 30 mins of link building a week can be really helpful to website rank, hyper link, back link, internal links, internal mapping,good linking is key for your Cornish Website Development..

Link Building | Your Cornish Company Friends

Asking your business partners , and local friends in Cornwall can be tricky, sending an email to ask kindly for a link exchange is often hard, it may be that for what ever reason that website or that Cornish Company may not need to do any link building..

Try Black HAT SEO | Cornish Companies

Black Hat,? Whats black hat SEO? is it part of a magic show!? well, no, its a term used in the online world to trick  Googles tricky algorithms , to create higher rankings for certain search phrases.. Black Hat SEO goes up against the Goggle rules.. IF Goggle finds your operating like this your site very often gets into trouble and ticked off, or penalised , de ranked lower down the pages, here below are a few no no no Black Hat SEO site de rankers!

1 Adding mass comments about certain product, services , or anything you are trying to promo..

2 Try not to use wiki links, a trend to re use content on here can , and most likely gets picked up by goggle..

3 Take care not to book mark in the same location, such as read it .. or Stumbleapon.. nothing to bad with this, by don’t speed your URLs around to close together ..

4 Buy a link set up, or purchased links had be popular, but now goggle sniffs this practice out, if you do this aim for slipping in a No follow tag, just so google sees your not trying to increase your rank..

5 Creating a fake forum account, again spreading your love to close together , if done way to quickly or closely it can mean a de rank, and turn out to be fruitless..

6.Profile linking, again a black hat procedure , but can cause problems, basically the same attic as multiples of profile link creation, and again spreading the love to close together.. defiantly one to avoid.

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