Website Issues and Problems

Top Website Issues and Problems

The unattractive website..plenty around on the internet, is this YOUR website..?

Really, try it yourself and risk a massive loss, this falls down to the fact that Web-design is a highly artistic method, and if your not artistic then the changes are you will struggle, and you only have to look around top see what we mean on line..

The w3c will offer a validation service that allows website owners to check if their website is compliant with very high standards , its extremely difficult and most websites are in line with w3c.

Broken Links on your Website>?

A few issues come to light if you have broken links.. firstly Google again, they will defiantly penalise you for not keeping your site in line with correct linked current content.. also secondly users will get quickly deflated if they come across broken links that go no where..

Slow loading Speed

You will defiantly loose visitors if you don’t have a fast loading website, this will come down to many things from poor images, to much java script running around.. and more.. Try going to GTmetrix to test your websites speed..TLC Web Design Portfolio

Your Website isn’t Mobile Responsive!

Yea, whats a mobile responsive website we here you ask, ? well simply put, you can view a website on any device, mobile phone, android device , lap top, and so on, and if you don’t have this then you have problems…






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