We create the best Art Gallery websites

Are you in need of a new Art Gallery Website? If the answer is yes then we can help create! below are just a few tips.

Tip one

You will require an online Gallery that has a selling function, you may receive visitors at some point but not always, many of your clients will be far away, but still like what you have to offer. Selling your art, or artist on line will most definitely improve sales.

Tip 2

Selling online will allow you to showcase your art in a much broader way, it’s not all about your art gallery website, it’s about art online in the modern world.

Tip 3

Make certain your website looks good, its needs to show case any art you have well. Any prints section you have, the layout should be slick, ready to go with a buy me layout, modern and fresh.

Tip 4

Make certain your website functions well , no good it looking great if its slow difficult to navigate, and quite possibly confusing to be on, customers will get bored and leave.

Tip 5

Team up with other Art Platforms such as Artire – this platform is a little like craft or Esty, the fact that you have an Art Gallery Website gives you a strong professional platform backed up by your wok on offer. If you also connect with Artsy it has a large following and has artists from all over the world.

Tip 6

If your planning on selling make certain you have a safe and secure payment gateway, one of the simplest and safest is Pay-pal if your uncertain about adding it to your site then check with a developer, like us!

Tip 7

Try to make certain your website is SEO friendly this is important, very, try to make certain you follow a few basic but important tips, you should also look at improving on the basics. 

  1. Add unique content only, and lots of it, don’t copy and paste anything, Google will not like this and down rank your website.
  2. Find out more ways to improve your SEO across your website.
  3. Use high res images only! 1000 px is best.
  4. Look at all other ways to never stop improving your websites SEO

Final Tips For Selling Art On-line

One of the questions artist s often ask is How to sell paintings online? Well, try to sell yourself first, if you’re just selling your own art, write about yourself sell yourself first. Secondly, as before Join online artist communities, you can often link your website back to them. Make yourself public. Using your website as a Blogging platform talk about your artwork and what artists you work with. And lastly using your website create a mailing list, these really help stay connected with people that want to be involved.