Using Google + Cornish

Is your Cornish company using G+ well?

Is your Cornish company using Google Plus + to its definite full effect? Call it to help you grow customers!?

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Google+ enhances your Cornish brand visibility on Google search results, thus providing better lead over other distinct social media platforms.

When focusing on any SEO strategy, many more brands are clinging to Google+.

Though adding followers are an integral part, but brands are into taking out that superfluous SEO link juice from Google+.

Google + can allow your Cornish company to have a great networking experience you can share images and content – showcase what’s new with your company  – whats coming out – what coming in – new lines – new product services –


Hotel Website Management St Ives

Do You own a Hotel in St Ives and need Website Management

Running a Hotel in St Ives and require a little help with WebSite management – If so we can help: here at On the webIT -Part of the  (TlC Web-design) Group

Our Great Range of IT Services – St Ives

We have a fantastic range of services : from SEO – Website Creation – General Web-design and management – We specialise in helping Hotels – Holiday Lets – Restaurants and the General St Ives – Penzance Tourism industry with General IT Service.

Our Web-design Services for your Cornish Company

Do you have a beach front Hotel? A restaurant on the St Ives Harbour front or countryside Holiday Home for rent? do you have a website that needs a little showcasing – needs to show up a little more? is it an outdated website? need an over haul? need an upgrade? We can help:





A “New” Website for your Cornish Company

Are you looking for a new website to draw in new visitors to your Hotel, or Campsite – Or even your Holiday Letting apartments? Showing up on Google or any other of the research engines such as Yahoo, or Bing – can be very hard: the competition is tough in and around Cornwall – you will need regular content management – we can help with daily posts:




Digital Marketing ST Ives

SEO Services for Hotels, and Restaurants St Ives Cornwall


TLC Web-designs – { on the web IT Services } a Cornish Company with a passion for Website Management packages with a focus ST Ives Cornwall 
Our focus packages on helping  the Cornish Tourism Industry can offer total relief is your busy and overwhelmed running your day to day activities – Our Help is at hand if your busy running a local Cornish business: Find out More:
Based in St Ives Cornwall:

Google Adwords


Digital Marketing St Ives Cornwall

Digital Marketing St Ives Cornwall
We can totally adapt our management services to suit your company needs, from SEO and Content Management to general Web site changes and refinements, we can offer services that promote and showcase your Resturants in St Ives, Hotels in and Around St Ives, Cafes, Fast Food Resturants, Holiday Lets, Camping Sites..
We have in-depth local knowledge and experience in local tourism in and around St ives – Penzance – We can boost your online traffic, and increase your customer daily foot-fall into your Restuarant, Cafe, Hotel.
Our in-house photography and video services
Looking for an amazing platform to promote your Hotel or Restuarant in the best possible way? well our high skilled in House Photographers are available on hand to capture amazing shots of your daily working establishments

Problems with your Website Frontend

Tips for Website Home Page repairs


Having a Website Problem?


Are you having an issue with your Cornish Website functionality, it could one of many problems, we can resolve these issues for you contacting us will help, but in the meantime check out the list of possible options for your failing website..

Website issues | “ let’s talk about your home page” 

Your website issues can come from almost anywhere – from page issues in general to front-end problems to back-end problems, picture loading issues, support issues and domain hosting problems, NetWork issues, HTML issues, CSS, Java Script , Web server:


Front End Website issues


Front End we hear you say, well the from end often referred to is basically the front of your website, your Website “Home Page” this is basically what your Cornish website browser or any browser from around.


If your website gets to stacked with sliders, { moving images run buy little widgets } it could well slow your home page loading speed down, and if a java script code is to blame the functionality of the home page can be compromised





Keep your Website Home Page Clear.web-design

Aim for a content-rich home page, with great looking images, and not too many flashy moving parts, maybe one small slider thats correctly configured.




Your Website Images

A good website image can really make a significant difference to your sites profitability, or visits and therefore PR { page rank } if images are poor, don’t load correctly, or are of poor quality they can well put your website visitor off, and historically website users are very impatient.

Poorly linked or functioning “Social Book Markers”

A Social Book Mark? whats that? basically, these came in many forms, Face-Book and Twitter are probably the most recognised, but you can also have Reddit – Blogger – Google + Linked in, to name but a few, is yours linked to the correct page?

To find out more about your Website Problems drop us a quick line for a FREE Consultation and Visit


Management of WordPress Websites | Cornwall

Word Press Management | Cornwall

Are you a company in cornwall that requires WordPress Management ? You may have a WordPress website, or multiple websites with WordPress aplications that require managment, we can look after your WordPress website on a dayily and weekly basics, using WordPress plugins for your Cornish Business Website can be tricky, we also offer a full service to manage plugins and new upgrades as well as hosting, with the knowledge that we have a combined 20+ years in the field of WordPress management systems and websites
TLC WordPress Management Service Packages
word press cornwall
Our WordPress management service, helping cornish companies with there work loads. can also be a life saver if you short on time, uploading new content and images can be time consuming , finding the time to manage your website is tricky thats why we started managing customers websites, it really helps.
The changing world of WordPress
The world of WordPress is changing, its always moving, and with the constant upgrades taking place theres never been a better time to sign up to one of our WordPress managment packages, simple easy and dont cost the earth.
The WordPress Dashboard
The inside of your website can be a scary place, one wrong move and your lost, or you may stumble down a path getting yourself really lost in the interia of a wordpres, why worry, why get yourself in a pickle with word press draft us in solove all your needs and requirements , we know WordPress systems like the back on hands!


A Great Looking Website | Cornwall

Key Features of A Great Looking Website
IF you want a great looking website, and lets face it most of us do, then you will will need certain key facts in place, its really important to remember a visitor to your website is looking for eye candy, and great service, a well laid out website, full of colour and correct images that show case your company services, these are your selling points.
Website eye candy will allow you to impress the visitor, and then backed up by good user functionality the website should then be a place where they visit and and again.
Even your navigation tabs should look and feel posh, with round full boarded looking corners.
Bright colour on your website is also a key factor when your trying to impress, the slicker your colour full images the better, and if you are a Cornish Company then you have a mass of Cornish features to impress , Cornish Landscape, Seaside all-so sand and sea side , all a great way to show off your Cornish Website, and Cornish Company.
A nice bright attractive website footer, the section at the bottom of your website is important, it s a simple part of your Cornish website, but really important, and that also applies to you, website header , the section at the top of the website, also a key part to look nice, with company contacts clear and visible , from the top you then come to the most important part of the website, with respect to bling, the home page slider, although important try not to over do things here, it may well slow your website loading speed down if its full of script!
Always Rambo that your cornishwebsite functionally is the top priority, however, its also important to get the loos on a wow factor!!

Website Issues and Problems

Top Website Issues and Problems

The unattractive website..plenty around on the internet, is this YOUR website..?

Really, try it yourself and risk a massive loss, this falls down to the fact that Web-design is a highly artistic method, and if your not artistic then the changes are you will struggle, and you only have to look around top see what we mean on line..

The w3c will offer a validation service that allows website owners to check if their website is compliant with very high standards , its extremely difficult and most websites are in line with w3c.

Broken Links on your Website>?

A few issues come to light if you have broken links.. firstly Google again, they will defiantly penalise you for not keeping your site in line with correct linked current content.. also secondly users will get quickly deflated if they come across broken links that go no where..

Slow loading Speed

You will defiantly loose visitors if you don’t have a fast loading website, this will come down to many things from poor images, to much java script running around.. and more.. Try going to GTmetrix to test your websites speed..TLC Web Design Portfolio

Your Website isn’t Mobile Responsive!

Yea, whats a mobile responsive website we here you ask, ? well simply put, you can view a website on any device, mobile phone, android device , lap top, and so on, and if you don’t have this then you have problems…





Website loading Speed | in Cornwall

How fast is your website?

Is your Website loading too slowly? are potential customers leaving your company website because frustrations are setting in?

…its a well know fact that the average on line shopper for example is very impatient , they certainly don’t like a website taking ages to load, this is a major consideration if you have a service to promote in Cornwall, and with so many services on offer from car mechanics , surf schools, shops, dog walkers, tea rooms, food outlets, summer trade businesses , and many other Cornish Companies selling a multitude of products and services a FAST loading and responsive website the key to an interested first time visit to your website:

What can i do to improve my Website Speed!?

Up-to 90% of websites { webpage } loading time very often is certainly spent with downloading, this is broken down into pieces and sections , pictures and images certainly take time to load, scripts, and text content script takes time, and FLASH players are defiantly naughty , with a general HTTP request being made on these elements, so its no surprise that the more sections and elements like these the longer it will take! So with this info to hand the certain way to improve SPEED is to simply your designs, and having a dozen sliding images on a slider or a fancy face book feed won’t help the situation..Start by using CSS instead of images, cut down the amount of elements on your pages, really try to reduce the script s on your page, and pop them away in the same area..

Think on this website owners, believe it or not a simple one second delay in loading speed can mean: A 17% decrease in a customer satisfaction, 11% less page views , a a whopping 7% loss in conversions, with the info coming from the Aberdeen Group Company. For info on your loading speed go to 

If your looking for extra help from the master, GOOGLE , they recommend using an AP monitoring system, this will allow you to check weekly. There are other resources to consider for your website, like going to Yslow, here you can evaluate your sites speed, and great tips to improve performance! OR we can help, please contact TLC for FREE advice on website issues like loading speed.


SEO Tips Cornwall

Working hard weekly on your SEO, { search engine optimisation } will get better over time, constant up dates , and attention to detail is best for your websites ranking, its well know that link building is one of the very best ways to improve your websites rank, however its an important skill to adopt, even 30 mins of link building a week can be really helpful to website rank, hyper link, back link, internal links, internal mapping,good linking is key for your Cornish Website Development..

Link Building | Your Cornish Company Friends

Asking your business partners , and local friends in Cornwall can be tricky, sending an email to ask kindly for a link exchange is often hard, it may be that for what ever reason that website or that Cornish Company may not need to do any link building..

Try Black HAT SEO | Cornish Companies

Black Hat,? Whats black hat SEO? is it part of a magic show!? well, no, its a term used in the online world to trick  Googles tricky algorithms , to create higher rankings for certain search phrases.. Black Hat SEO goes up against the Goggle rules.. IF Goggle finds your operating like this your site very often gets into trouble and ticked off, or penalised , de ranked lower down the pages, here below are a few no no no Black Hat SEO site de rankers!

1 Adding mass comments about certain product, services , or anything you are trying to promo..

2 Try not to use wiki links, a trend to re use content on here can , and most likely gets picked up by goggle..

3 Take care not to book mark in the same location, such as read it .. or Stumbleapon.. nothing to bad with this, by don’t speed your URLs around to close together ..

4 Buy a link set up, or purchased links had be popular, but now goggle sniffs this practice out, if you do this aim for slipping in a No follow tag, just so google sees your not trying to increase your rank..

5 Creating a fake forum account, again spreading your love to close together , if done way to quickly or closely it can mean a de rank, and turn out to be fruitless..

6.Profile linking, again a black hat procedure , but can cause problems, basically the same attic as multiples of profile link creation, and again spreading the love to close together.. defiantly one to avoid.

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