Do You Need a NEW Website?

Why do i need a New Company Website?

In todays modern world it’s so important to project the best image of your business, and your Company Website is no exception to this rule.The world wide web is very likely the first place your current customers and potential customers are going to look to learn all about your business, and company. 

Quite frankly most people will simply leave your “Website” if they don’t enjoy their 1st experience or find it difficult to access valuable needed information, So seriously check out the following list to see if you’re overdue for a website redesign and over haul…

Your website 3 years ++ OLD?

IS IT,Well it’s a good rule of thumb to re-design your website about every 2-3++ years, also it’s important to make periodic updates every now and then to keep current and up-to date between redesigns. The web is ever-changing, with up dates every day!and not just in terms of design styles, IT and simple things like Google. There are always brand new developments that create better, and better more user-friendly experiences for website users.

TLC Link Building

Responsive –  Responsive , ?we do advise our customers regulary about being responsive… responsive all the time, and for good reason too!. A “Responsive” design is about good usability.It ensures your customers will experience your site as you intended no matter where they view it from.This was once thought of as a trend,or a fad, it’s become recognized as the new standard in  any web design.The worlds people access the Internet from an absurd amount of different devices, all with different screen sizes,some massive some tiny, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. You will need to account for the wide range of screen sizes your users will view your site on!

Your Business Cornwall | Help

Looking for Business help in Cornwall

Are you a new business in Cornwall or the south west? OR are you simply thinking of starting up? if so there is help:

Its worth remembering that here at TLC Web-designs we understand how difficult starting a new business can be , so thats why we are offering FREE Advice, and Help if you need a new website, already have a website, or need assistance with SEO and online marketing! simply contact us HERE

Cornwall Council Grants and Advice

Starting a new business can be difficult, finding funding to get off the ground isn’t easy, and often the banks can’t offer much in the way of business finding, don’t worry help is at hand.Providing your  new business model is up scratch, and your figures, and marketing plans are well presented funding advice and help is often available in several formats: At Cornwall Council they have a range of helpful services, offering advice and possible grants available, for more info try the Cornwall Council Grants and advice section HERE

Cornwall Growth Hub

In addition to the Cornwall Council advice and help, you could try the Cornwall and Isles of Silly Growth-Hub team, they work with local companies of any sector and any size, they have a very friendly team of Cornish locally based experts that will work directly with new and existing companies, they look at identifying opportunities helping to access support, you can contact them HERE 

Contact Cornwall + Isles of Scilly s Growth Hub providing local companies with information and support!

Call them on :01209 708 660

The Funding Central Group

There is also The Funding Central Group, they provide amazing unique to thousands of grants, and loan finance , based local, national , and international sources, all in one place on the Funding Central Website: Contact them HERE

You can search the funding group central website to match and identify business opportunities that will match you and your planed projects, you could receive new funding opportunities which are tailored to your needs and requirements, also access practical online tools and support!

Federation Of Small Businesses

If your new to business its defiantly worth noting the Federation Of Small Businesses, { F>S>B } They are an organisation full of experts in business, there is a membership, of which there is a small fee, but the benefits are vast, they offer a wide range of business services, including advice , support, financial expertise , they are also a powerful voice in government matters, with a mission statement to helping small businesses.





Best UK Web Hosting Companies 2017

TLC Web Design lists their 3 favourite web hosting companies for 2017.


TLC Web Design manages A LOT of hosting accounts, and it is important for us to know the best deals and the best packages available so we may provide the best information for our clients.

These are our favourite UK web hosting providers that provide a great price and great quality.


  1. TSO Host

TSOhost_LogoTSO Host are one of the go to web hosting companies based in the UK. With over a decade in web hosting, they have got everything you need to get your website up and running. They are based in the UK and provide 24/7 support.

Their cheapest plan starts at just £14.99 a year, and have high performance cloud hosting and many hybrid solutions.

Visit TSO Host here.


2. SiteGround

Siteground_logoSiteGround is a very cheap hosting company with excellent support and powerful servers.

If you are looking to build a WordPress blog, then look no further than SiteGround, they are recommended for WordPress, by WordPress!!


They have 3 hosting plans, their most affordable plan starts at only £2.75 a month.

Visit SiteGround here.


3. EUK Host

euk host logoWe at TLC Web Design are using EUK Host more and more as we are always happy with the excellent service that they provide. They not only provide 24/7 support but also provide excellent uptime and support solutions, with a team of experts, and when we say experts, we mean experts!!

Packages start at £22.99 a year and unlike many other hosting providers, a lot of the extras, such as email and cPanel, are included in the price instead of being add-on features!

Visit EUK Host here.



There are many web hosting companies out there that claim to provide the best service and support, which makes choosing the best one tough. Here are some of our favourites that we like to use and ones that you should consider if you are looking into getting a new website and are based in the UK.

If you are still unsure then we can help you and suggest the best for what you need, we can also build your website for you whether it is a wordpress website, e-commerce, or a custom website.

A new website from a Cornish Web-design Company

Do i really need a New Website as a “Cornish Company”

Free SEO report, and website consultation

Well, a good question, is it really so important these days to have a website if your a business owner? yes, is the answer, highly important, but not only that, its important to have a fully optimised website! a slick looking company website is a highly powerful selling and promotional tool.. which will allow you to showcase your amazing services.. its true to say you can keep trying other ways to promote your company but many of them really do simply come back to a great looking website.. for a free consultation and SEO Report for FREE, please do drop us a line NOW.wordpress tlc web designGoogle Adwords

Websites For Cornwall

Web-design and SEO For Business in Cornwall

Need a new website in Cornwall, are you any of the companies below? if so we offer Full SEO – Services for your website, be seen more , get more customers within Cornwall, its hard getting seen on the web, its not just about a new website, IT WILL NEED TO BE FULLY OPTIMISED SO THAT IT SHOWS UP ON GOGGLE! ( YOU MAY NOT KNOW THIS)

CALL US FOR FREE ADVICE on getting your website and Cornish Company seen MORE on line CALL NOW!

CALL  01736 602833




  • Driving Schools in Cornwall, pass your driving test!
  • Learn to Drive Schools in Cornwall, get on the road!
  • Nursery Schools in Cornwall, amazing with small kids

Key Words | Do Research

Research your key words for improved SEO


Key word research to find targeted traffic for your web site..

Trying to find key words that will bring about good traffic can be a little tricky, but not as hard as it seems.It will seem all you have to do is plant the mindset that any random word thats key has combinations and they will do..

Try using deliberate key word research strategies that focus on the customers over all mind set, what are they thinking to get what they need on line.. using this basic but effect method is almost every time guaranteed to give your more traffic!

Then from there try fitting your key words around your campaign and not the other way around..

A simple process for the novice website builder could got like this….

Choose a simple NICHE for example “Sport”

The Pop in your NICHE key word..

Sort the key words that are most similar..

Then repeat – but not too many times

Cornish SEO | Help

Build your Cornish Company | on line help

At TLC Web Design we decided to compile a small list of the 14 most effective techniques for the general marketing your  brand new website here in Cornwall, all of which are great building blocks to drive and build your online presence! its good to be a company here in Cornwall but building your company identity in cornwall can be hard!

Make good with your “search engine optimisation” (SEO)

SEO involves making  care-full overt and covert changes to your website to improve your  google page rankings.

Regular SEO practice includes using  important relevant key words, inserting internal links, creating a good site map, and regularly uploading unique content that relates to your industry…

Create a calendar and monitor your SEO content 

There is a stack of competition in the market, many businesses are developing websites and creating new content, it can be quick and easy to undo the good work which you put into your website marketing, defiantly from an SEO perspective.

Get blogging!

At TLC Web Design we practice what we preach, which is defiantly why hopefully you’re reading this article on our blog pages.

Video marketing..

Making short videos are defiantly becoming an increasingly popular method for the marketing of websites, products and services.Get on Tube or share on your own website, and give your customers something more exciting and engaging than a block of text, with the odd pict!

Are you mobile-friendly??

Recent uk Sats showed that nearly 20% of the UK internet users connect through a smart-phone or tablet, so it’s pretty essential that your website displays and functions properly on all relevant devices-

local net-working events, get out and about!

General networking events allow you to meet with reps  from  all possible other industries,exchange business cards and get out there!.

Your content!! spread it around!

Get your content on as many platforms as possible! spread the SEO love around Cornwall!

Free social media tools!

Well over 60% of us use Facebook in the UK, with a further 35 million on Twitter, so try to get on every day even to simply say hi to the world!!

Invest in paid for social media advertising, its worth it!

likes of FB, Twitter and a YouTube channel all offer paid advertising, which can be of particular benefit for smaller businesses without an online presence or large following!

Email marketing

Do some email marketing is one of the most cost-effective but far reaching methods of communicating with customers,look up mail chimp, and gather a client base quick!

Calls to action..

Make sure that calls to action are present throughout your website, NEED a new website click HERE!

A small call to action draws users to your website, encouraging them to click and proceed further down the conversion funnel.

Offer web-only deals!

Create a deal that will get people talking… and visiting your website!

And finally – get some help from the experts.. US!

We can take the pain out of the whole one line, marketing experience, SEO Cornwall – Cornish On line web site creation .. simply call us or email now!


Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2017, the year of the mobile responsive website!

From all of us at TLC Web Design, we would like to wish everyone a happy 2017! We think this is going to be a fantastic year with plenty to look forward to, and hopefully you do too! Maybe you have fantastic holiday plans coming up or you are moving into you dream home. Maybe you have plans to take your business to the next step and increase your exposure to an audience that is ready to be blown away with what you have to offer!

Christmas gave another wave of handheld smart devices to a fresh batch of consumers, all ready to surf the web quickly and easily on iPads, Amazon Fires and a whole host of quality tablets, making 2017 the year that having a mobile friendly website is a must!

Many websites are already mobile responsive but are not very user friendly, templates adjust accordingly but do not put your most important information in the most important places! Going through your own website on a smart device is essential so you can see for yourself what it is like for a user to find everything that you have to offer!

Not sure what we are talking about? Well TLC Web Design can help! We provide free consultations for those who are a little stuck and, where we can, we will meet you face to face to get a better understanding of you and your business, so we can provide you with the best help we can offer!

Happy 2017 and lets get our businesses out there!

Good SEO Guide | Cornish Company Websites

A good SEO Guide to Cornish Business

The Beginners Guide

What is SEO > Search Engine Optimisation ?

Put simply SEO is an on line marketing discipline that focuses on growing your website visibility in an organic way, with out having to pay PPC, Good SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve your google rankings, drive traffic , and so increase awareness of your cornish company in search engines such as yahoo and google.

There are quite a few aspects to good SEO, from the text words on your page,to the way other websites link to you on the internet, very often well grounded SEO is simply the way that your pages are structured and laid out.







Why a website needs good SEO!?

Much of web traffic is driven by the biggest and most power full major commercial search engines, such as Bing – Goggle – and not forgetting Yahoo.. and although some social media and other types of traffic could and can generate some visits to your site, its the search engines that are the primary method of navigation for most internet users, this is so true whether your website provides content – products – information or simply anything else…

Do IT yourself SEO ?

Its Complex SEO, a complex ever changing world, however it can be achieved, to a certain extent, even small amounts of SEO work on your website can make all the difference..

However it will take time, its very time consuming! if you focus on learning small amounts first this will help, then let us here at TLC help and do the rest!!


Keep on Blogging!

Blogging is one of those things that seems so time consuming but it is worth keeping up! If you are reading this then guess what, we have just proved that blogging really does work!

Statistics from Hubspot’s 2012 Inbound Marketing Report show that 57% of companies who have a blog reported acquiring a customer from their blog. That was 4 years ago, online presence is growing and competition is more fierce than ever, without a blog, can you really afford to lose any custom?

Take a look at 4 reasons why blogging is important:

It feeds into your SEO –  Search engines such as Google love fresh content, sometimes it is difficult to add new sections to your website so putting extra content into a blog gives your website that SEO boost without diluting your content for your customers.

Build a relationship with customers  – As well as social media, blogging allows you to connect with your visitors, this gives your customers another way of getting in touch with you and engaging with your work. This will not only establish your brand, but build trust.

Social Media Tree
Facebook is just the beginning

Build Your Brand – Continuing on from the previous point, blogging will allow your customers to see that you are not just sitting still, but moving forward, with a vision and purpose. This is a side the customers often of not see but will help gain creditability across the board.

Get People Talking – Encourage people to share your work, the more your loyal customer base appreciates and shares what you do, the more that loyal customer base will grow, and they will help more people see and hear about you, it’s free advertising, so make sure you encourage those to get the word out.