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What is Google ADS { Google Ad Words!? }

Google Adwords is basically a highly successful on line advertising service that will enable any advertiser to compete on line with other companies in there market place, this is based in part on “cookies” and key words that are predefined by the advertiser..

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A company or Ads word customer will pay when users divert their browsing to find more info about what they are looking for:

Google Ad words can put you on page one: they can also if correctly implemented – build up larger amounts of business for you or your company!

Google Re- marketing 

Whats This!?

Google Ad words Re- marketing is a feature that allows its users to show Ads to on line users that have been on their website.. kinda follows the user around like a lost cat!

Google Click to Call

Whats This!?

This google service is provided by google allowing the user to call up advertisers from google search pages: certain users enter phone numbers to call them back, with calling charges paid by google:

“There are many spins and spin offs to the running of Google Ads Management – this can be extremely tricky to operate, you can in fact end up paying large amounts of money, and if this is left un checked your budget could be gobbled up!”

At TLC we offer a fully google ads management service :We offer a Totally FREE Consultation Service, this allows you to know the in and out workings of how much? it all going to cost!

Total IT Services Development in Cornwall

We offer many Services of IT including Website Creation!

Many large companies are offering websites for £1!? yea build your own.. we say = we will come out to your company address, work closely with you and your team: gather the info required to create a fantastic fully functional website for your company! Please Note – ALL FREE!!

Mobile Aps Design / PHP Development / Responsive Design / Website Creation / SEO Services / Content Management / Web Development / Mail Chimp / Google and Bing Ads Management! Are you in Cornwall!? we come to you.

We offer an amazing in house photographic service: we come to you! We have our award winning photographer Kieran, from kbrimsonphotography these photos allow your New website to shine!


High quality, professional photography with KBrimson Photography
High quality, professional photography with KBrimson Photography
Promote your business with great images from KBrimson Photography
Promote your business with great images from KBrimson Photography

Web Design in Cornwall

We love creating Websites in Cornwall:

Its our passion, here at TLC we truly love creating sorting new – that stands out on the web, thats simply what we do it, invite us into your Company and we will get you a free consolation sorted ASAP:

We love working as a team to create that special website just for you, and our passion for undertaking new technology can be second to none, and with our sheer love for web development, SEO and all things IT we are certain to make you happy!! We love working on a 121 basics with our customers, across the south west:

In the modern working world most businesses fully rely on the internet and a strong website, that will generate leads, drive interest and build company identity – we are constantly learning and evolving as a company team, always ready to please, our customer base largely here in Cornwall, SEO, Web-design, your Company Logo is extremely important, we offer in house Logo Development:

We can set up your NEW FACE BOOK profile in minutes, add Twitter feeds, linked in.. pin it, pint rest, and use many other un less know Social media book marking techniques:

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Whats website page linking!?

Link up your Website pages!

Linking up with other websites

Plenty of correct linking from pages on your website, to other websites, and sometimes simply one link on the correct website, can be highly beneficial to the presence of your website on and across the internet:

Page RANK is know as the number thats scored out of 10, that is given to your website, thats based on the number of outbound links and inbound links, this helps search engines to skilfully verify how trustworthy your website is: linking between websites allows the linking juice flow, and so if your website is linked to by a site with good page ranking, this will be carried forward, thus improving your page ranking!

So..generally you can’t control the inbound links to your website: however there are certain steps you can take to improve your page rank score! aim for social media content links, like face book and most definaly google + you can also aim for free directories!!
Get both types of linking sorted!
Its really important to get both types of linking sorted, outbound links and internal links are highly crucial: where ever you mention a site make certain these include a goof hyperlink, and as for internal links, carefully linking these will increase the time spent on your website by so called TEXT – Robot Spiders,


Whats SEO??

What is the term SEO!?

Hows SEO going to help my company and website!?

SEO stands for – Search Engine Optimisation – OR S.E.O.

This term refers to the long and time consuming process of improving the position that your website shows ups, and appears at in the world of organic search results by such drivers such as GOOGLE: so as a general rule,websites that appear higher up in the search results do tend to get more people traffic to their pages, and so potentially they say more business: so your total goal will be – getting on the number one position: Very often that will largely depend on the market type your in… and how well you operate in that market place, budget often plays a factor in this scheme of work, and as really good SEO takes time, it generally will cost, but is worth ever penny in the long run!


Customised Websites | Cornwall

A Fully Customised Website | Cornwall

We look forward to popping out, and visiting you for a free consultation: We offer a fully customised website service: full SEO guidance and on line marketing advice – that will help you stay on top of the competition!

We have an in-house photography team that are happy to pop out a shoot away!



A New Website | Cornwall

Are you a company in Cornwall!?

Is it a New Website your looking for? a Company Website? if so we can help, we offer a fully integrated website thats fully customised for your chosen look and services:

We have a fantastic knowledge base :

On line SEO Experience


Google Ads

Graphics and Photography

Full Ap integration when and if required

Experts in Social Book Marking