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Welcome to our website portfolio

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Our Web-design team can create any look or type of website, from a simple 3 page to a full 100 page e commerce website.


FAQs About A New Website

We put it down to a few main – but very important tips that ensure a New Website build is heading in the right direction with the website build and development 

Build a homepage as minimalistic where possible

Design with visuals that please

An easy to read website with really good content 

Develop to ensure your site is easy to navigate around

Keep the website mobile friendly its a must


Improve SEO Search Engine Optimisation  performance 

General Design of a Website and the looks, make certain its ranking well

The Website  should have Digital Marketing

Website Security must be good

Make certain the Websites services are laid out well

Make the menu and site navigation prominent, and super simplistic 

Keep your content new and  distinct from other elements of the website, easy to read also

Make your website nav buttons to stand out easy for people to click 

Decide what is most important on any page, and then give it high priority 

Don’t too much on the same pages unless your creating and information spread

We have a list for developing a website

Optimise ” website Optimisation “with SEO your Website page speed

Set Up hyperlink differentiation and use key key words

Try to segment key information with bullet points, add good content

Always use attractive calls to action, such as buy now

Use images, or photos that are high RES

Make certain to Include well- designed and written headliners in content post

Keep your website pages consistent across the whole site, and stick to it

Try to catch ALL your Bad 404s

Use white space., but in the right place – not OTT



Any Type Of Cornish Industry Creation

We can quite simply create any type of Webdesign