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It’s our passion, here at TLC, is Webdesign for Cornish business. We truly love creating sorting new – that stands out on the web, that’s simply what we do it, invite us into your Company and we will get you a free consolation sorted ASAP. We love working as a team to create that special website just for you, and our passion for undertaking new technology can be second to none, and with our sheer love for web development, SEO and all things Digital – we are certain to make you happy.

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 New Website requirement


We enjoy creating Websites in Cornwall In the modern working world, most businesses fully rely on the internet and a strong website, that will generate leads, drive interest and build company identity – we are constantly learning and evolving as a company team, always ready to please, our customer base largely here in Cornwall, SEO, Web-design, your Company Logo is extremely important, we offer in house Logo Development:

We can set up your NEW FACEBOOK profile in minutes, add Twitter feeds, linked in.. pin it, pint rest, and use many others unless know Social media bookmarking techniques. A FREE Visit and consultation to your business from one of our team

Website requirements

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What is the term SEO

Build Your Cornish Brand

Google ADS 

IT Services Cornwall

WordPress Management Service


Is it a New Website your looking for? a Company Website? if so we can help, we offer a fully integrated website that’s fully customized for your chosen look and services:

A Fully Customised Website | Cornwall

We look forward to popping out, and visiting you for a free consultation: We offer a fully customized website service. Full SEO guidance and online marketing advice – that will help you stay on top of the competition. We have an in-house photography team that is happy to pop out a shoot away.

We have a fantastic SEO knowledge base across Cornwall

On line SEO Experience for your Cornish Company, if you’re looking for a top website company choose us! We have expertise in Web-design Google Ads Services For Cornish Company’s Graphics and Photography ServicesFull Ap integration when and if required -Experts in Social Book Marking.

Digital Marketing St Ives Cornwall

We can totally adapt our management services to suit your company needs, from SEO and Content Management to general Web site changes and refinements, we can offer services that promote and showcase your Restaurants in St Ives, Hotels in and Around St Ives, Cafes, Fast Food Restaurants, Holiday Lets, Camping Sites.

What is the term SEO

Hows SEO going to help my company and website. SEO stands for – Search Engine Optimisation – This term refers to the long and time-consuming process of improving the position that your website shows ups, and appears at in the world of organic search results by such drivers such as GOOGLE: so as a general rule, websites that appear higher up in the search results do tend to get more people traffic to their pages, and so potentially they say more business: so your total goal will be – getting on the number one position: Very often that will largely depend on the market type your in… and how well you operate in that market place, budget often plays a factor in this scheme of work, and as really good SEO takes time, it generally will cost but is worth every penny in the long run!

SEO Services In Cornwall target Tourism

We have in-depth local knowledge and experience in local tourism in and around St Ives – Penzance – We can boost your online traffic, and increase your customer daily foot-fall into your Restuarant, Cafe, Hotel. Looking for an amazing platform to promote your Hotel or Restuarant in the best possible way? well, our highly skilled in House Photographers are available on hand to capture amazing shots of your daily working establishments.

Blogging is one of those things that seems so time-consuming but it is worth keeping up! If you are reading this then guess what, we have just proved that blogging really does work!
Statistics from Hubspot’s 2012 Inbound Marketing Report show that 57% of companies who have a blog reported acquiring a customer from their blog. That was 4 years ago, an online presence is growing and competition is more fierce than ever, without a blog, can you really afford to lose any custom? Take a look at 4 reasons why blogging is important:

It feeds into your SEO –  Search engines such as Google love fresh content, sometimes it is difficult to add new sections to your website so putting extra content into a blog gives your website that SEO boost without diluting your content for your customers.
Build a relationship with customers  – As well as social media, blogging allows you to connect with your visitors, this gives your customers another way of getting in touch with you and engaging with your work. This will not only establish your brand but build trust.

Build Your Brand – Continuing on from the previous point, blogging will allow your customers to see that you are not just sitting still, but moving forward, with a vision and purpose. This is a side the customers often of not see but will help gain creditability across the board.

Get People Talking – Encourage people to share your work, the more your loyal customer base appreciates and shares what you do, the more that loyal customer base will grow, and they will help more people see and hear about you, it’s free advertising, so make sure you encourage those to get the word out.

What is Google ADS Google Ad Words?

Google Adwords is basically a highly successful online advertising service that will enable any advertiser to compete online with other companies in there market place, this is based in part on “cookies” and keywords that are predefined by the advertiser.

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A company or Ads word customer will pay when users divert their browsing to find more info about what they are looking for:
Google Ad words can put you on page one: they can also if correctly implemented – build up larger amounts of business for you or your company!

Google Remarketing 

Google Ad words Remarketing is a feature that allows its users to show ads to online users that have been on their website.. kinda follows the user around like a lost cat!

Google Click to Call

What’s This!?

This google service is provided by google allowing the user to call up advertisers from google search pages: certain users enter phone numbers to call them back, with calling charges paid by google:
“There are many spins and spin-offs to the running of Google Ads Management – this can be extremely tricky to operate, you can, in fact, end up paying large amounts of money, and if this is left unchecked your budget could be gobbled up!”
At TLC we offer a fully google ads management service: We offer a Totally FREE Consultation Service, this allows you to know the in and outworkings of how much? it all going to cost!

Link up your Website pages!

Linking up with other websites a must!

Plenty of correct linking from pages on your website, to other websites, and sometimes simply one link on the correct website, can be highly beneficial to the presence of your website on and across the internet:
Page RANK is known as the number that’s scored out of 10, that is given to your website, that’s based on the number of outbound links and inbound links, this helps search engines to skilfully verify how trustworthy your website is: linking between websites allows the linking juice flow, and so if your website is linked to by a site with good page ranking, this will be carried forward, thus improving your page ranking!

Inbound Links for your Cornish Website

So..generally you can’t control the inbound links to your Cornish website, however, there are certain steps you can take to improve your page rank score! aim for social media content links, like Facebook and most definitely google + you can also aim for free directories. Get both types of linking sorted!

Its really important to get both types of linking sorted, outbound links and internal links are highly crucial: where ever you mention a site make certain these include a goof hyperlink, and as for internal links, carefully linking these will increase the time spent on your website by so-called TEXT – Robot Spiders.

Do You own a Hotel in St Ives and need Website Management?

Running a Hotel in St Ives and require a little help with WebSite management – If so we can help: here at On the webIT -Part of the  (TLC Web-design) Group

Our Great Range of IT Services – St Ives

We have a fantastic range of services: from SEO – Website Creation – General Web-design and management – We specialize in helping Hotels – Holiday Lets – Restaurants and the General St Ives – Penzance Tourism industry with General IT Service.

Our Web-design Services for your Cornish Company

Do you have a beachfront Hotel? A restaurant on the St Ives Harbourfront or countryside Holiday Home for rent? do you have a website that needs a little showcasing – needs to show up a little more? is it an outdated website? need an overhaul? need an upgrade? We can help:

A “New” Website for your Cornish Company

Are you looking for a new website to draw in new visitors to your Hotel, or Campsite – Or even your Holiday Letting apartments? Showing up on Google or any other of the research engines such as Yahoo, or Bing – can be very hard: the competition is tough in and around Cornwall – you will need regular content management – we can help with daily posts.

Free “Tips” for Website repairs in Cornwall

Having a Website Problem?

Are you having an issue with your Cornish Website functionality, it could one of many problems, we can resolve these issues for you contacting us will help, but in the meantime check out the list of possible options for your failing website..

Website issues | “ let’s talk about your home page” 

Your website issues can come from almost anywhere – from page issues in general to front-end problems to back-end problems, picture loading issues, support issues and domain hosting problems, NetWork issues, HTML issues, CSS, JavaScript, Web server:

Front End Website issues

Front End we hear you say, well the from end often referred to is basically the front of your website, your Website “Home Page” this is basically what your Cornish website browser or any browser from around.
If your website gets to stacked with sliders, { moving images run buy little widgets } it could well slow your home page loading speed down, and if a javascript code is to blame the functionality of the home page can be compromised
Keep your Website Home Page Clear.
Aim for a content-rich home page, with great looking images, and not too many flashy moving parts, maybe one small slider that’s correctly configured.

A good website image can really make a significant difference to your sites profitability, or visits and therefore PR { page rank } if images are poor, don’t load correctly, or are of poor quality they can well put your website visitor off, and historically website users are very impatient.

Poorly linked or functioning “Social Book Markers”

A Social BookMark? what’s that? basically, these came in many forms, Face-Book and Twitter are probably the most recognized, but you can also have Reddit – Blogger – Google + Linked in, to name but a few, is yours linked to the correct page?
To find out more about your Website Problems drop us a quick line for a FREE Consultation and Visit

Word Press Management | Cornwall

Are you a company in Cornwall that requires WordPress Management? You may have a WordPress website or multiple websites with WordPress applications that require management, we can look after your WordPress website on a daily and weekly basis, using WordPress plugins for your Cornish Business Website can be tricky, we also offer a full service to manage plugins and new upgrades as well as hosting, with the knowledge that we have a combined 20+ years in the field of WordPress management systems and websites

TLC WordPress Management Service Packages

word press cornwall
Our WordPress management service, helping cornish companies with there workloads. can also be a lifesaver if you short on time, uploading new content and images can be time-consuming, finding the time to manage your website is tricky that’s why we started managing customers’ websites, it really helps.

The changing world of WordPress

The world of WordPress is changing, its always moving, and with the constant upgrades taking place there’s never been a better time to sign up to one of our WordPress management packages, simple easy and don’t cost the earth.

The WordPress Dashboard

The inside of your website can be a scary place, one wrong move and your lost, or you may stumble down a path getting yourself really lost in the interim of a WordPress, why worry, why get yourself in a pickle with word press draft us in solve all your needs and requirements, we know WordPress systems like the back on hands!

Key Features of A Great Looking Website

IF you want a great looking website, and let’s face it most of us do, then you will need certain key facts in place, it’s really important to remember a visitor to your website is looking for eye candy, and great service, a well laid out website, full of colour and correct images that showcase your company services, these are your selling points.

Website eye candy will allow you to impress the visitor and then backed up by good user functionality the website should then be a place where they visit and again. Even your navigation tabs should look and feel posh, with round full boarded looking corners.
Bright colour on your website is also a key factor when you’re trying to impress, the slicker your colour full images the better, and if you are a Cornish Company then you have a mass of Cornish features to impress, Cornish Landscape, Seaside all-so sand and seaside, all a great way to show off your Cornish Website, and Cornish Company.

Bright Looking Cornish Website Construction

A nice bright attractive website footer, the section at the bottom of your website is important, its a simple part of your Cornish website, but really important, and that also applies to you, website header, the section at the top of the website, also a key part to look nice, with company contacts clear and visible, from the top you then come to the most important part of the website, with respect to bling, the home page slider, although important try not to overdo things here, it may well slow your website loading speed down if it’s full of script!
Always Rambo that your cornish website functionally is the top priority, however, its also important to get the loos on a wow factor.

Low-Cost SEO Services Cornwall

Working hard weekly on your SEO, { search engine optimization} will get better over time, constant updates, and attention to detail is best for your website’s ranking, it’s well known that link building is one of the very best ways to improve your websites rank, however, its an important skill to adopt, even 30 mins of link building a week can be really helpful to website rank, hyperlink, backlink, internal links, internal mapping, good linking is key for your Cornish Website Development.

Link Building | Your Cornish Company Friends

Asking your business partners, and local friends in Cornwall can be tricky, sending an email to ask kindly for a link exchange is often hard, it may be that for whatever reason that website or that Cornish Company may not need to do any link building.

Try Black HAT SEO | Cornish Companies

Black Hat,? What’s black hat SEO? is it part of a magic show!? well, no, its a term used in the online world to trick  Googles tricky algorithms, to create higher rankings for certain search phrases. Black Hat SEO goes up against the Goggle rules. If Goggle finds your operating like this your site very often gets into trouble and ticked off, or penalized, de-ranked lower down the pages, here below are a few no-no-no Black Hat SEO site de rankers!

1 Adding mass comments about a certain product, services, or anything you are trying to promo..

2 Try not to use wiki links, a trend to reuse content on here can, and most likely gets picked up by google.

3 Take care not to bookmark in the same location, such as read it .. or Stumbleapon.. nothing too bad with this, by don’t speed your URLs around to close together.

4 Buy a link set up, or purchased links had been popular, but now goggle sniffs this practice out, if you do this aim for slipping in a No follow tag, just so google sees your not trying to increase your rank.

5 Creating a fake forum account, again spreading your love to close together, if done way to quickly or closely it can mean a de-rank, and turn out to be fruitless.

6. Profile linking, again a black hat procedure, but can cause problems, basically the same attic as multiples of profile link creation, and again spreading the love to close together.. defiantly one to avoid.

For Help With Your Cornish Company’s SEO Please do contact us for a FREE Consultation.

Free SEO Consultations across Cornwall

Here at TLC Webdesign we have 3 in house trained SEO- { search engine optimization} consultants, that will come right out to see you and your cornish company to give FREE SEO advice, please give us a call to arrange a booking, SEO for Cornish companies is highly important, well it’s important for all companies across the UK and world, you simply stand out way more with better SEO. Your website, your new website, or old website should be optimized, with good content, and if it’s not… Google isn’t happy, its a shame, but google will not come sniffing if it’s not finding your website in a good healthy place.

A Healthy Place For Your Website | Cornwall

For Cornish company to stand out online it’s really important to have your website played out correctly, this can mean, correct pages, content, SB – social bookmarkers, new fresh content – updated images, from your stock, correct website footer with your cornish address on it, and contact details, maybe a FB tab, { facebook } or twitter tab, maybe even a link or two that sends the visitor to other pages, a hyperlink.

Each of your website pages should have a good layout, goggle-like that, nice photos and content is well written about you or your company, maybe a few backlinks to other pages on your site, hyperlinks.. and links to other site pages that are important to what’s going on within your site.

Free SEO Get Listed

Cornish Business directories/ free very often. Are you listed on site directories?

It is in-fact a really usually way of improving SEO for your website is to ad your URL website to local directories, these are great for spreading love, your company details all across Cornwall networks, search out these and you will find, one HERE  

Using your website blog

Adding a snippet to your blog, or news feed on your website can be very useful, as we have said google likes new content, and so, get writing, about your latest news, products, services, people, and customers, cornish weather! whatever you feel is relevant … a blog can say a thousand words, the cornish lifestyle is such a colorful way and many cornish companies tap into this, and your blog news feed should be reflecting this.

Google + is a good way to get a little extra SEO fro you on line improvements to take place, has your company a Gmail account? if so that’s all you need, spring your G+ google + posts into life.. post about your cornish services, and how you would like people to connect with you…

Free Consultation HERE

Welcome to 2020 hows your business plans looking for the coming new year? it may be that your hoping for an improved presence online, or feel the need for a “New Website” maybe you feel your current website needs a redesign? or you have started a new company in Cornwall that requires a new website? if so we can certainly help.

Don’t try and build a new website by your self…Really it’s not that easy.

A website should be a top priority for any Cornish company, a center point of contact, a place where you can show off your company skills, your company services, and cornish staff expertise: Its really not as simple as they say to create your new website by yourself, beware of hidden costs, at first it may seem easy, simple they say, but are you design trained? do you have the skills to create a beautiful looking new website? are you up-to-date with all the latest SEO techniques which will allow you to show up online across Cornwall..?

TLC Photography

Photographs play a major roll in Website Creation!

A photo or picture can say a thousand words, its so super important to portrait your Cornish Company in a good light, clean fresh looking company premises, happy bright-looking staff, and the trouble you have by using second-hand shots, which may already be in circulation is that google search engines don’t really like them, they prefer happy brand new images for the best highest ranking possible, we have a crack team of in house photographers, ready to come to you! take amazing images, and prep them for your website and your online placement across Cornwall.

We cover the whole of Cornwall for Website Services, we regularly visit, Redruth, Truro, Penzance, Pad-stow, Bodmin, Falmouth, Newquay, St Ives, Camborne, St Just, and the list goes on.

Here at TLC Webdesign we are offering a FREE face to face Website consultation, we can also explain costs, and SEO ” Search Engine Optimisation ” for your Website, be seen online with good SEO, across Cornwall and beyond …. and even Google ADS Management, whichever services you require we are happy to advise, Just drop us a line HERE