Heritage Railways Association

Heritage Railway Association  – Full Website Build, with Custom Dinner Orders & Document Centre

HRA Website


When the HRA came to us, they had three websites that needed a complete overhaul. They had ideas on how to do this and time was of the essence. After our free one to one consultation with them, we advised them that they could combine two of the websites into one, making a large, one-stop-shop for all of their member’s needs, as well as a separate 1-page website for non-members.

The 1 page website was to be a simple design that gave those the most important information they would need if they came across the association. We created this on a WordPress package to make things as cost-effective as possible for this website.

The other website, that was combining two different websites into one had much more specific requirements. Most importantly, a document download centre, and an in-depth shop section, that could handle food orders and memberships. TLC Web Design recommended this website be built on Squarespace, as it could handle these complex requirements with custom forms, and it’s simple to use platform could accommodate the future changes and control that would be needed.

HRA Website Form

The HRA website now has a fresh and modern look, with a fantastic food ordering system for HRA Dinners, as well as an in-depth and easy to understand information platform for their many members.

To view their website please click here.

To view their one page website please click here.