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We have a Cornish Delia – We specialise  in getting bespoke Cornish food out to you by delivery!Enjoy our Cornish Food Delivery Services

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We offer a Digital Application for Cornish company’s that want to get online.

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Delivery Service

Consider getting fresh fish delivered to your door any where in the UK!

Fresh Fish Delivered

Delivery Services

We have an amazing network of Cornish fish suppliers, all ready to offer you the very best Cornish seafood.

Fresh Bread Delivery

Are you a Cornish Company looking for Web design services: We also have a click and collect online application that offers a safe way to pick up for any customers.


We have bakery, yes, we bake cakes and bread in house then ship out to you on order!

The fresh meats section

Salami and Saucisson

Ham, Bacon & Cured Beef

Pate Section