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Welcome To St Ives Cornwall

-Welcome To St Ives Cornwall-

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The famous Cornish townish of St Ives is a  stunningly beautiful seaside and harbour town, not far from lands end, it’s now a world-famous small ex fishing town. St Ives has a wonderful quartet of golden sandy beaches. Now famous for its Restaurants, Harbour, Surfing and beauty.

Wonderful St Ives restaurants

A grand selection of St Ives restaurants can be found just HERE

St Ives Information

A selection of St Ives info can be found have a look just HERE

St Ives TV

More great footage of the goings on in and around St Ives HERE

Art In And Around St Ives

St Ives wonderful selection of Art Tate Art found HERE

Activities St Ives

General Activities St Ives and Things to do in and around St Ives HERE

St Ives Holiday Company's

Places to stay in and around St Ives Cornwall found HERE

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daily Live Visuals On St Ives

If you wonder round St ives you will find plenty to see and do.The Harbour itself is a great place for a stroll.At low tide the beach is a great place to take the kids, stroll with the dog, or enjoy the sunshine, if its out!

St Ives By Night
Harbour Beach
Harbour Lighthouse

St Ives and Fine Art

Fine art has played an important part in St Ives way long before the arrival of the A certain well-known gallery called the Tate St Ives. Getting on for almost 195 years the amazing quality light that backed up with wonderful spectacular scenery has attracted artists from all over the world.

The Tate St Ives

The fast becoming famous “Tate Gallery” in  St Ives Cornwall was opened in June 1993 it has a purpose-built building with no more than 5 wonderful looking galleries offering an introduction to Modern Art, with special focus on the St Ives School of Art.


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