TLC Photography

New website, old images? Get your Cornish images sorted with us!

Do not worry, TLC Web Design also offers professional photography services as an optional extra with in house photography Kieran Brimson.

Whether you need images to show your office environment, the ethos of your company or great looking images to show off the products you sell, then we are on hand to help! If you are in Cornwall or even further afield, chat to us to discuss our requirements and how to get what you need in a logical, inexpensive way?

Why choose TLC for your photography?

Building your website means that we will get a great idea of all aspects of your company, and we can identify not only the images you need, but also the best style in which to capture them.

After the shoot is done, you will have access to ALL the images taken to use as you wish, even the ones that we do not use on the website, all at full size! This means that not only are these images handy for your website, you will be able to use these in all types of media. The images can be used in flyers, promotions, even magazine articles and billboards if you wish.

Images will be varied including images that allow space for copy. Choosing the TLC Photography option will give your website a reach punch to returning visitors. A FREE Visit and Consultation HERE: