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Search Engine Friendly TLC Web Design

Your Web-site – Good SEO

Competing with other companies on line is hard, its Very Hard: a constructive search friendly format on your website is vital:

Use text that customers would search for

What Google wants, Google must get: We implement Google Top Tips and Instruction –

Google says “you must give the visitor the info they are looking for

When creating a website in is of the upmost importance to provide High Quality rich content on your pages, with the extra focus on your front end Home Page, this is pretty much the single most important thing to do: If your main pages contain the useful information organic search requires then many more visitors – but also attract other webmaster to your website: try to write pages that are accurately write and describe your content or topic well.. think hard about the type of words people could use to find what they are looking for on line: A Free Visit and Consultation HERE: