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Once upon a time, the work would be completed as soon as your company website was launched. In today’s high competition to get noticed, this is just the beginning, further work must continue to have success online,and across Cornwall –  and a good social media strategy is just part of it.

A strong social media presence keeps your customers informed of everything that is going on. Whether you are promoting a service, having a sale or letting them know your movements, your company should always be at the forefront of your customers minds.

Facebook is a huge part of social media but it does not end there, major social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter and Instagram also should be active, and there are smaller social media platforms that pop up all the time.

Social media will allow your customers the ability to discuss, share and comment on the things that you are doing, so exposure such as this becomes vitally important to your online campaign.

If all my customers are on Facebook, why do I need to bother with the others? We hear you ask.

Well not only is social media important so customers can see you are active, but it also allows Google and other search engines to see that you are active. Having active social media accounts connected to your website shows Google that you are a company to be noticed, and this will give you a stronger online presence.

Social media is similar to blogging, it has to be done frequently to get the best out of it, and at TLC Web Design we are on hand to manage your social media accounts so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. We will provide quality content that will allow your social media profiles to expand in popularity, filled with people that are genuinely interested in your company (we never buy followers), helping your marketing and reach go further.

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