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Things To See And Do Cornwall

See and Explore Cornwall

Coming To Cornwall 

Visit Cornwall

You can visit Cornwall and have an amazing time: The land is surrounded by the North Coast, and then across the land by the South Coast, and the further you get towards the land end the clearer the water gets!

Where is Cornwall

Cornwall’s Location 

Where is Cornwall? – Cornwall has an extreme southwestern position and stands out to a long beautiful peninsula down at the far end of England, with either side some form of wonderful countryside, or sea view. With amazing tucked away farms, towns, and places to most definitely see, Cornwall is arguably one of the most fantastic places to visit in the whole of the UK.

Getting To Cornwall

Routes To Cornwall

You can get to Cornwall by Road, Plan Or Train.The main route into Cornwall is the M5 then the A30 – If your flying its mainly into Newquay, if by train its Penzance, or stopping off at various locations, and by car well the choice is yours once you have crossed the Devonshire boarder.

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Places to Stay

Cornish History And Info

Cornwall has some great places to visit, its history is well documented, and its lifestyle is the envy of many that would like to live in and around Cornwall.

Best Cornish Beaches

One of the very best things about being a Cornish local is having the Beaches of Cornwall to enjoy all year round, even in the winter, the beaches can be a wonderful playground for Surfers, Dogs, and family. With a wonderful sniff of the Atlantic Ocean.Some of the water areas and beaches gaining visitors from around the world. They say that the North Coast of Cornwall can have “World Class Surf” and with both coasts only just a few miles away the Surf is all around to enjoy.

Cornwall’s Celtic History

Cornwall has Celtic History is said to be true, it has Celtic ruins dating back a very long time if you find any rare reminds its definitely worth exploring!

Cornish Museum

If you come to Cornwall you will most definitely find a choice museum to visit, they call it the land of wonder, and across Cornwall, the Top Museums are a wondrous sight to see. Cornish folk helps out at many of the venues on a voluntary basis but some in fact are employed and work full time taking care of things. The Museum reflects a long-standing Cornish History with artifacts dating back from a very long time ago to the near present day.

Walking Areas

You will find some great places to go walking in and around Cornwall.The most popular places are often the coast paths, and beaches but Corwall has wonderful woods as well!

Cornish Gardens

Many areas across Cornwall have large estates, that form the landowner’s properties, often attached to very large houses that open their gardens to the public at certain times of the year, find one of these Cornish gems, and get a wonderful visit to Cornish garden world.The wildlife that is found in any of the Gardens is truly wonderful so why not explore!

Cornish Activitys

Across Cornwall there is so much to do, from Surfing, Visiting , Hitting the Beaches, rock pooling with the kids, Boat Trips, Eating Out, Shopping, the list is long!

Best Cornish Beaches

What are the best Cornish Beaches