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Get started with an easy to use WordPress Website for your Cornish Company!

Wordpress LogoIf you have already looked into building a website yourself, no doubt you will have heard of WordPress. WordPress is a popular platform as it offers so many different functions and designs, you can build anything with a WordPress website!

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform where a person could create their own channel of communication online with a few simple clicks of a button. What made WordPress unique to other blog platforms is that it allowed the integration of third party plugins (this is similar to apps) that could be installed to a website to add new and specific functions. Now, WordPress thrives of these plugins, allowing a user to create any website they wish from graphic designers to bakeries, from plumbers to high street retailers or warehouse distributors.

WordPress still markets itself on being simple to use, however it is easy to get stuck if you are not somebody who is computer savvy.wordpress tlc web design

TLC Web Design has the know how to create any style of WordPress website and install the correct plugins to have all the features you need from your website. Not only this, once the website has finished we will create for you a handy how-to guide, so you know how to update your website and keep things running. What makes TLC different to other web companies, is that this how-to guide is tailored to you and your website, no generic instructions that may not apply!

Not only this, if you decide to add to your website, or you make a mistake, we are always on hand to help you out of trouble!

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